Cashmere Care guide and products!


made for you in collaboration with Erika from Armadio di Grace

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The 10 Golden Rules:

Separate the colors and change the garment from inside out;

Always wash cold with maximum 30 ° celsius or wash dry (we do not recommend the use of washing machine and dryer);

Garments with silk applications, dry washing is recommended;

Use our Shampoo (or a mild detergent);

Always rinse in cold water and do not twist or crumple the garment;

Dry the clothes by hanging them on a towel (away from heat sources);

Set the temperature of the iron to a minimum and use a protective cloth between the iron and the garment;

8) Avoid prolonged rubbing due to washing and let the garment therefore rest in the open air after every 2nd day of use, so that the natural fibers of the cashmere can return to their original shape;

9) Store your garments in the closet in our protective-bag or use a natural anti-moth protection;

10) If the garment forms pilling, you can gently remove them with our special comb (first washing and then combing and do not use on silk garments).

The pilling explained by the expert

No garment made up of yarns, whether natural fibers (in our case Cashmere) as well as synthetics are free from pilling. Therefore it is not a sign of low quality of the product, it is only a thin and superficial excess of the shorter fibers which occurs due to the rubbing on other surfaces. The short fibers tend to join together to form the so-called " pilling ". It would be possible to reduce this phenomenon by treating Cashmere with industrial processes but there would be a serious loss of quality in terms of softness of the garment.