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The cashmere sweater is a benchmark in everyone's wardrobe. Suitable for any occasion, it is an essential garment that is designed to last a lifetime. To preserve it in the best way over time, you need just a few tricks and the right products which we are happy to share with you on this page.

How to wash pure Cashmere and Silk-Cashmere?

- Always wash the garment inside out in warm or cold water, no hotter than 30 ° C;
- Use our gentle shampoo that is specially designed for washing cashmere;
- Wash colours separately;
- Washing in the washing machine is not advised; if necessary this type of washing should be done in an appropriate net bag;
- Always rinse in cold water (Max. 30 °) without twisting the garment;
- Pure cashmere garments can be dry-cleaned, although natural pure cashmere fibre loves water!

How to dry pure Cashmere garments and Silk-Cashmere clothes?

- Dry the garments spread on a towel away from heat sources;
- Never use the dryer.

How to iron pure Cashmere and Silk-Cashmere?

- Set the iron temperature to minimum and place a slightly damp protective cloth between the iron plate and the pure cashmere garment.

How to remove pilling?

- It is possible to remove pilling by applying our special comb only on the affected part, bringing the garment back to its original appearance;
- It is recommended to first wash and then treat with the comb;
Warning! Do not use the comb with items from the Seta-Cashmere collection.

Little tricks

- Avoid prolonged rubbing;
- Let the garment rest in the open air after the second day of use, so that the pure cashmere natural fibers to their original shape.

Pilling explained by the expert

No garment that is composed of both natural (in our case Cashmere) and synthetic fibers remains free of pilling; therefore pilling is not a sign of low product quality. Pilling is only a thin and superficial excess of shorter fibers which, due to friction against other surfaces, clump together and form"balls". It would be possible to reduce pilling by treating cashmere with industrial processes but there would be a serious loss of quality in terms of garment softness.