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The Natural Cashmere Colors are those colors that reflect the Capra Hircus' natural undercoat. They aren't undergoing any dyeing process. The natural Cashmere yarns guarantee always soft sweaters. From the creamy white that comes from the pure white undercoat to Beige, Natural and Brown that are obtained by combining the white and brown undercoat eventually to Pearl Gray and Medium Gray, which is created by combining the black and white undercoat.

All the other colors in our palette are dyed with Azo Free dyes,  that are safe for health and the environment during processing.

The Pills of our Experts

When Cashmere yarn is dyed it can feel slightly stiffer. For example, for the color Blue or Black, the same sweater compared to other colors may seem less soft and stiffer even if the cashmere used is the same. Now when you buy dark colored cashmere sweaters you will know that the quality is always the same and they can be stiffer than the lighter colors due to the dyeing process.