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The number one in cashmere

For over 20 years our passion has been producing velvety, soft and elegant pure Cashmere garments for the whole family. We personally select only the best certified high quality yarns guaranteeing that natural softness on your skin, which only this precious fiber can give you. Our garments are not manufactured in industrialized production lines but according to semi-artisan processes, this allows us to offer you a wider choice and greater quality in the garments.

Inspired by the models of the great Italian tailoring tradition, our dresses are perfect for any occasion, for those who want to dress elegantly without sacrificing comfort.

All our lines are made with absolute respect for human, moral values and in accordance with international conventions that prohibit the work of children around the world. In addition, all our garments are processed with Azo Free dyes, that is, free of Azo class dyes that can be harmful to health and the environment during processing.

Our best products are all available in this shop. You can buy them online and receive them comfortably at home in a very short time.

If you want to visit us to touch the quality of our products, we look forward to seeing you every Wednesday (and Sunday in the period from Easter to the end of September) at the exclusive Forte dei Marmi market and in our shop at the Shopinn Outlet in Brugnato (La Spezia).

The quality of our yarns explained by the expert

Without wanting to go into too technical considerations, know that the hair used to make our garments have a diameter less than or equal to 15.5 microns, to make the idea, the human hair measures 75 microns, while the quality sheep's wool (Merinos wool) is located around 20-22 microns. We only use hair with a length greater than or equal to 56mm (i.e. really very long) which allow weaving thin and very resistant threads. 1kg of cashmere allows us to weave 24 kilometers of thread (on average 8 km of thread are needed to make a 2-thread M size men's pull).