Return and change of your purchased items

Our commitment

CASHMERE STORE S.a.s. guarantees to deliver identical products to the ones appointed and described in its website and also to respect all the standards related to the conservation of products till the moment of the delivery in the place stated in the order. In case of packaged items, the producer is responsible also of the truthfulness and completeness of the information written on the packaging. The images in the website are there to facilitate the recognition of the products by clients; due to variations in the packaging made by the producer , photos may not resemble exactly the aspect of the delivered product.

Money back guarantee

According to Legislative Decree 206/2005 "Consumer Code" (ex right of withdrawal) and to DL 21/2014, CASHMERE STORE S.a.s clients enjoy the guarantee “Money back if not satisfied”, with the chance to give items back within 15 working days from the delivery, except for the case in which items can’t be sent back due to their nature.

How to give your purchased items back in case od refund or substitution

Want to change your purchase colour or size ? Not happy with the shopping? You can call for substitution or refund of your purchase (ex right of withdrawal) within 15 working days from the delivery.

Get your refund or substitution of the purchase in 3 easy steps:
1. send an email to
In the email you have to list:
- number of your order. You find that number both in the order confirmation mail and in your personal page on One Cashmere;
- which items you want to substitute or to get refunded for. Warning: specify for EACH item if you want to substitute o to return it; 
- in case of substitution please specify in the email colour and size of both the purchased and the desired items. The switch will be made after checking availability on the online catalogue and in the stock.

2. every returned item must be sent well wrapped in the original packaging, well closed to this address:

Cashmere Store S.a.s.
Via degli Artigiani, 23
54100 Massa (MS) - Italy

The cost of the shipping are on charge on the client, with terms and process to be complied with CASHMERE STORE S.a.s, unless personal surrender to the return of what previously listed.
If you wish, we can send you our trusted courier to collect wares at your address or at another address specified in the request mail. The service of the courier costs 8,00 euros for each part of Italy.

3. As soon as we will receive your item, or items, we will contact you. In case of termination, we will send your related cash refund in 14 days from the receiving of your written request.

When returning items, it is mandatory to include the original receipt received with the order. In the absence of the receipt, One Cashmere will not be able to start the returns procedure.

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