Mode of Payment

The site supports all common types of payment.


After confirming the order through the Website, you will be redirected to the secure servers of MultiSafepay to handle the online payment with all popular credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, etc.).
Alternatively you can pay directly through your PayPal™ account.


To enable you to pay for your One Cashmere purchases via bank transfer, we use SOFROT, one of the safest online transaction systems in the world. To use it, all you need is online banking.

How to pay with SOFORT
1. Choose the option “CREDIT CARD - PAYPAL - ONLINE BANK TRANSFER” on the One Cashmere’s “Complete your order” (checkout) page then click the “Place order now” button. 2. Choose “SOFORT” in the available payment methods on the next page;
3. Choose the Country and insert your bank’s ABI code. If you do not know your bank’s ABI code, use the “Search ABI code” function.
4. Insert your user name and password which you use to access your online banking;
5. Insert the temporary password provided by your security device to authorise the bank transfer (communicated by your bank via SMS, token, USB code generator, lists, cards or similar).

All done! In no time and total security, you have completed the payment for your purchases with a bank transfer.

But is it safe?
SOFORT uses the most advanced security systems to protect your personal data, with secure and encrypted connections up to AES 256-Bit. If you would like to know more regarding the security of this payment method, visit this page.

Attention. Your online banking access information have not been transfered to One Cashmere, nor saved on One Cashmere. The payment is processed entirely using SOFORT’s secure payment module, which One Cashmere cannot access. The SOFORT employees are never able to access your online banking’s access data.

For each order paid for using SOFORT, One Cashmere receives and stores only the following information:

  • name and surname;
  • your account’s IBAN;
  • the bank transfer’s payment description;
  • amount paid;
  • date payment was made.

No other data will be saved by One Cashmere and you will not be asked to register to access the service.


For all shipments in Italy you can pay with cash. We remind you that the payment must be made in cash upon delivery. We do not accept checks or other means of payment.
Payment on delivery has an additional fee of € 8.00 per order.

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